About 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability. In the United States alone, there are an estimated 60 million disabled people who live in a society that often refuses them basic rights, respect, and services that are afforded to non-disabled people. Knowing this, what are you going to do about it? People with disabilities are the world’s largest minority and the only group that any of us can become a member of at any time. Our hope for this trip is to give our participants the tools and support to learn about disabilities and create positive change regarding disabilities. As UCLA students, we need to become more aware of the factors that restrict participation for people with disabilities so that society can be more inclusive. Barriers for the disabled can lead to poor health outcomes, lower educational achievement, higher rates of poverty, and discrimination.

During our trip, participants will learn how we can better serve and interact with people who have disabilities. Now ask yourself, have you ever wondered what to say or do around someone who is disabled? Do you have a disability and want to contribute to the conversation? Are you just looking to learn something new about a topic you’ve never formally encountered? If you answered yes to any of these, join us on this trip!

Cost: $325



11329907_399935433548357_3134517535903987625_nHi y’all. My name is Becky Tsang and I’m a fourth year Psychobiology major. My three passions are travel, service and food. And repeat. Like my co, I love spending time with friends, eating all types of cuisines and exploring unique locations.  Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the ASB Community Health in SF to learn about marginalized communities specifically in HIV populations. I have to say that participating in ASB was one of the best highlights of my undergraduate career and I am extremely excited to be leading one this year with my co Danny and I cannot wait to meet  and work with you all. If you see me on campus, feel free to say hi!!!


10338632_872045812810903_5626474444243955919_oHi there! I’m Daniel, and I’m originally from Compton, California. I’m currently a junior majoring in Psychobiology, and I’m interested in going into the medical field. I love eating food that is not good for you in any way, exploring new places and spending time with friends. On campus, you can find me running to class (or anything really because I am always late), drinking way too much coffee, or volunteering with Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine. Last Spring Break, I got the incredible opportunity to go to San Juan, Texas where I got to learn so much about immigrant rights and becoming one with the community. This trip was awesome and I am more than excited to get to plan my own trip this year! I hope you join me in this wonderful opportunity to get out of your comfort zone (and the bubble that is UCLA) and expose yourself to new experiences and perspectives!


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