This year, the Alternative Spring Breaks team exploring the theme of immigration will be volunteering in sunny San Diego, CA! San Diego’s proximity to Mexico and the city of Tijuana in Baja California makes it an optimum location to learn about the socio-economic struggles and unique cultural manifestations that residents experience daily. Join us to learn about the history behind one of the world’s most militarized borders and how you can aid in the awareness and promotion of humane immigration rights.

Cost: $125



IMG_1373 (1)Hello! I’m Maria Perez, a senior majoring in English and minoring in Music History. I come from the transborder community in San Ysidro, CA and Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Living by the border all my life, I have always been interested in the ways people connect and interact with each other, and community service is an amazing way to see that happen! My first involvement with ASB happened during my junior year, when I traveled to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah to learn about animal rights and volunteer (read: play around) with adorable dogs and cats. I can definitely say that entire week has been one of the most fun and self-fulfilling experiences I have had in my life.


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