San Francisco has an incredible system of public health awareness, which makes it the perfect place to learn about community health in marginalized communities. The focus of this trip is the HIV epidemic and its effects on LGBT and other communities. On this trip, we will volunteer at organizations like Project Open Hand and Bay Area Young Positives that have a commitment to serve our focus groups. We will also visit the SF General Hospital to learn more about the history of HIV/AIDS and how Ward 86 has played and continues to play a crucial role in the battle against HIV/AIDS. We are looking to recruit compassionate volunteers with a goal of improving health care for the future, especially for marginalized groups. We encourage anyone who has a slight interest to apply. This experience will allow participants to look at community health in a new perspective and to understand the strong relationship between social issues and health care.

Cost: $50



Hey everyone! My name is Maya Ram, and I am a second year Physiological Science Major. I love cooking, reading, running,
and spending time at the beach. I went on the trip to San Francisco last year and have developed a passion for community health. My experience in AB opened my eyes to a different side of the health care field. I am very excited to go back this year and learn even more! I am so glad I joined AB last year, and I hope this trip will inspire you like it inspired me.


Jesus UribeHello! My name is Jesus Uribe and I am a fourth year Biology major. I enjoy music, the outdoors, coffee, great food and most importantly, naps. One of my passions is education which is why I am so heavily involved in organizations such as Project BRITE and TEACH. I went to San Francisco for spring break last year. The trip explored healthcare for marginalized groups and I learned so much about the exciting work the professionals do for these groups. As an aspiring physician, I think it’s so important to develop an understanding of the community you wish to serve. As one of the site trip leaders for San Francisco, alongside Maya Ram, I hope to lead a site where volunteers can create an understanding of community health, the various professions, and service for marginalized groups.


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