Urban Gardening [Downtown Los Angeles, CA]


Our group will spend about a week in Downtown Los Angeles volunteering in urban and community gardens and learning about food deserts and insecurities in the area. Many urban areas in the US, like some areas of downtown LA, lack access to fresh foods and are called food deserts. One solution to this problem is to create community based gardens of urban agriculture where members of the community can grow and eat their own food and not have to rely solely on highly processed foods for nutrition. This is already being done in elementary schools and other open areas in the city. Volunteers will spend a week working in these gardens and volunteering in nutrition-based organizations to learn more about the issue and what is currently being done. If you are interested in nutrition, public health, gardening, and social justice, this trip is perfect for you!

Cost: $90 



11163747_10206872725043146_7251779633928130444_nHello! My name is Angela Kim and I am a fourth year Biochemistry and Political Science double major. I love trees and everything related to environmental science and world politics! I grew up in Brazil to Korean parents and gave up all that yummy meat two years ago when I became vegetarian. On my free time I like camping, eating pizza, and listening to live music. I went on my first AB trip last year to the Grand Canyon and fell in love with the concept behind alternative breaks and am stoked to lead the Urban Gardening in Downtown LA trip this year.


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